DTF Supplies, Equipment, Consulting & More!

DTF Supplies, Equipment, Consulting & More!

We make Direct-To-Film Equipment Print To it's Potential

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We sell it all: DTF Printers, Shakers, & Heat Presses

We specialize in offering top-tier direct-to-film printers, shakers, and heat presses to our clients. Our goal is to simplify the process of transitioning from a lack of experience or equipment with DTF to achieving an optimal setup and printing like a seasoned professional. Our team will install and train your staff on how to use the equipment, ensuring that you're ready to produce high-quality prints from day one. Depending on your budget and requirements, we offer both 4 and 8 head printers, with DTF ensuring consistent print quality regardless of the number of heads used. The cost of the printer is primarily determined by its speed.

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We Only Sell the Highest Quality Ink, Film, & Powder

Direct-to-Film printers cannot print to their potential unless you use high quality inks, adhesive powder, and PET film. At DTF Xperts we sell only the highest quality DTF ink, powder, and PET film to ensure your prints both look great and perform to a high standard when it comes to the hand and durability. Don't hesitate contacting us if you have any questions about the supplies that are listed on our website.

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We Put the X in Experts. From Installation & Beyond

Our printer service and training integration services are what set us apart from other service companies.  Not sure what printing solution service is right for your business?  The DTFXPERTS  team can help you choose the right equipment based on your business goals, timeline & budget.  Printing has gone far beyond putting ink on paper. Today, There are many ways to reduce printing costs, increase impact, motivate response and extend the life of your print equipment

Contact our team to learn about the endless possibilities to make your business run more efficiently with trained staff and less down time in your process.  

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We Go Above and Beyond Selling Equipment & Supplies

*Remote Onboarding

*Onsite Onboarding and training

*Service Contracts

*Product research & development

*Extended warranty packages

*Phone and remote support packages

*Customized  programs to help keep your customers down time to a minimum   

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